Wire ropes and wire strands from Suyang

Wire ropes and wire strands from Suyang
Dimension wire rope / wire strand

Fine ropes with a small diameter are used in medical technology for example. Wire ropes with a larger diameter in mechanical engineering or in the field of sun protection.

Materials wire rope / wire strand

The selection of the suitable material depends on the area of application. Steel wire ropes are in many cases the most economical option. We recommend the use of stainless steel cables for applications with a high corrosion potential.

Construction of wire rope / wire strand

Strands are made by stranding wires and are the basic for further rope manufacturing. 3 to 37-wire strands are stranded here. As the number of wires increases, the flexibility of the rope and thus the fatigue strength increases. A strand, rope or fiber insert can be used as the insert.

Surfaces of wire ropes / wire strands
Surface treatments can be individually tailored to the respective demands and customer application. Functional coatings can also be implemented on request.