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Making it the largest stainless steel wire rope manufacturer in Jiangsu.

Equipment Showcase: Unveiling Our Production Capabilities

Welcome to our Equipment Showcase, where we proudly present our advanced machinery and production equipment. This section offers a glimpse into the technology we use to deliver high-quality products and services.


In this gallery, you will find a comprehensive display of our production equipment, from cutting-edge machinery to specialized tools designed for our industry's unique demands. Each piece is carefully selected and maintained for optimal performance and efficiency.

Unveiling Our Cutting-edge Testing Equipment



Discover our advanced technology that empowers us to deliver exceptional quality products. Take a virtual tour of our Instrumentation Showcase and witness our commitment to precision and reliability. From non-destructive testing equipment to specialized analytical instruments, each device represents our dedication to superior products. Join us as we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality assurance through advanced testing and measurement equipment.

Welcome to our Instrumentation Showcase, where we present our advanced testing and measurement equipment for quality assurance. Discover precision testing instruments, selected to meet industry needs, such as spectroscopy and microscopy tools and environmental monitoring devices. Each piece plays a vital role in our rigorous quality control procedures

Honors and Certificates

Welcome to our Honors and Certificates Showcase, where we proudly display our prestigious recognitions. This section highlights our remarkable achievements through a curated collection of industry awards, accolades, and certifications. Each certificate represents the hard work and expertise of our team members who have contributed to our success

Explore our gallery to see the diverse range of recognition we have received across various domains. From industry-specific awards to certifications for quality management systems and environmental sustainability, these honors showcase our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business. Join us in celebrating our exceptional achievements and recognizing our company as a leader in the industry.


Quality Assurance

1.High-quality raw material:
The raw materials from: Tsingshan Steel, Delong Steel, DSM, Lichang New materials and etc.
 2.Executive standard:
Stainless steel wire rope of GB/T 9944-2015, Stainless steel strand of GB/T 25821-2010, Steel wire ropes for important purpose of GB/T 8918-2006, Stainless steel wire of GB/T4240-2019.
3.Quality management:
 The company has a complete product quality inspection system and a full set of advanced instruments . It implements full-process control and strict testing of raw materials storage, processing and finished products.