Application in Bowden Cable ---Stainless steel cable

Application in Bowden Cable ---Stainless steel cable

What is a bowden cable? - The structure

A bowden cable consists of several parts. The bowden cable assembly starts with a sleeve and a bowden cable core. For this a wire rope, which is made of high quality steel wire, is used. The bowden cable sleeves made of steel or stainless steel, as well as the other components can be put together individually. The numerous standard components allow a wide range of variation possibilities. Like pictures.


Spiral sheaths 

Spiral sheaths give the bowden cable the necessary stability and reduce friction and wear.

flat wire spirals
push pull spirals
round wire spirals


spiral end connections

If spiral end connections are used, ready-to-install bowden cables can be fixed and fastened in every application.

end caps
adjusting screw
hose sockets


Bulk wire ropes

In a bowden cable, the wire rope is jointly responsible for friction and is also used for power transmission.

wire ropes
special terminals


End terminals

Cable end connections are the interface between the cable and your application. .

pressed rope ends
injected rope ends
special terminals