Wire joints

Wire joints


Single-layer ropes

For single-layer ropes, the minimum distance between wire joints within one strand should be 50 × rope diameter (d). Wires over 0,4 mm in diameter shall have their ends joined by welding. Wires having up to and including a 0,4 mm diameter shall be joined by welding or by ends being inserted in the strand’s formation. Partial crossing of the wires at the inserted ends is allowed, but the wire ends shall be sealed inside the strands and not be exposed.


Spiral strand ropes

For spiral strand ropes, the distance between two wire joints shall not be less than 50 m. For the finished spiral strand ropes, the joint in any length shall not exceed one and the welding position of each wire shall be obviously marked on the ropes. Flash butt welding or upset butt welding shall be used for wire joints. Weld joints should not break during assembly and spooling and need to be ground, to prevent from consequence on diameter.




Normative references : ISO 3444-2023, Stainless-steel wire ropes