Automobile and motorcycle Cable

Stainless steel wire rope plays a key role in the control lines of cars and motorcycles.


Its characteristics make it an ideal choice for applications requiring good verticality, high breaking force, smooth surface and low coefficient of friction. These properties enable stainless steel wire ropes to transmit force in the control systems of cars and motorcycles, enabling various mechanical operations.


Stainless steel wire rope is usually made of stainless steel wire and has corrosion resistance, which is especially important in outdoor environments such as cars and motorcycles.

Window lift systems

In addition, stainless steel wire ropes dedicated to spare tire lifts are also used in the automotive field and have the advantages of high tensile strength and long fatigue life.

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Stainless steel wire ropes are widely used in window lift systems. The system uses an electric motor, reducer and stainless steel wire rope to work together to realize the window lifting function. The principle of the window lifter is that the electric motor drives the movement of the stainless steel wire rope through the reducer, thereby controlling the up and down movement of the window. Stainless steel wire ropes in this application have high tensile strength and good corrosion resistance, ensuring system reliability and durability.

Car trunk

Trunk lid support: Stainless steel wire ropes can be used to support the trunk lid so that it can open and close smoothly, making it easier for car owners to access items.

Fixation of the trunk door:  Stainless steel wire rope can be used to fix the trunk door to prevent it from loosening or falling off during driving to ensure driving safety.